E. Dubuis
E-Demokratie: Formen, Stand und Ausblick
Jusletter IT, 2016
Adobe Acrobat Document 94.5 KB
S. Hauser, R. Haenni
Implementing Broadcast Channels with Memory for Electronic Voting Systems
JeDEM -- eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government, 8(83), 61–79, 2016
Adobe Acrobat Document 525.5 KB
R. Haenni, R. E. Koenig, E. Dubuis
Cast-as-Intended Verification in Electronic Elections Based on Oblivious Transfer
E-Vote-ID’16, 1st International Joint Conference on Electronic Voting
Bregenz, Austria, 2016
Adobe Acrobat Document 694.7 KB
P. Locher, R. Haenni
Receipt-Free Remote Electronic Elections with Everlasting Privacy
Annals of Telecommunications, 77(7), 323–336, 2016
Adobe Acrobat Document 181.5 KB
P. Locher, R. Haenni, R. E. Koenig
Coercion-Resistant Internet Voting with Everlasting Privacy
FC'16, 120th International Conference on Financial Cryptography
Barbados, 2016
Adobe Acrobat Document 344.3 KB
S. Hauser, R. Haenni
A Generic Interface for the Public Bulletin Board Used in UniVote
CeDEM'16, 6th Interntional Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government
Krems, Austria, 2016
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.8 MB


October 8th, 2020

Best paper award received from E-Vote-ID'20 for our submission "CHVote: Sixteen Best Practices and Lessons Learned"

October 7th, 2020

OpenCHVote v1.0 released on